Police Department

Patrol Division – Lt. Elvis Leniger

The mission of the Adamsville Police Department is to protect and serve the citizens and businesses of the City of Adamsville with quality Law Enforcement and public safety. The Adamsville Police Department is committed to maintaining a safe and comfortable living environment for our citizens and maintaining a safe work environment for our businesses. It is also our goal to work with the citizens of Adamsville to maintain positive growth and development of our communities.

We promise to be proactive in our efforts and professional in our demeanor. We recognize each citizen as an individual and respect the rights of each guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and the State of Alabama. Justice is blind, so it is our promise to apply the law without bias to age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or ethnic origin.

The Adamsville Police Department will always remain dedicated and committed to our citizens by continuously engaging in community policing, partnering to assure a high quality of life.
Together as a community we will accomplish our goals by placing emphasis on Pride, Integrity and Professionalism. 

Phone: (205) 674-5671
Address: 4911 Main St
Adamsville, AL 35005